Maria Ho – Professional Poker Player

Monna Ho is originally provided by Taipei in Taiwan. In the young age of four, Maria Ho arrived on the United States with woman family, where they resided close to Los Angeles, in California. From an initial age, her love out of music, singing and the type of performing arts became very clear. Perhaps no-one in her family might have guessed that her day-to-day would lead towards video game of poker, but any attraction to some regarding performing was evident even while a young girl.Maria found out how to play on-line poker in 2002, while she was at college when California and she messed around with her friends at home-based games. In 2005, Helen finished her studies and also obtained a degree from University of California Los angeles with a major around Communications and a very little in Law. Following this, as far as cards goes, she played generally an honest at low limit poker-online pursuits. After gaining something of experience in the and some confidence, your mom progressed to higher associated danger poker cash games which usually decided to make your move to become expert poker player.

From just a short period of time involved in professional on line poker tournaments, Maria’s brief experience history boasts cashes at only five various World Connected with Poker (WSOP) events along with a cashes from different Population Poker Tour (WPT) concerts.In 2007, Maria seemed to make her dent on the international internet poker scene. At the WSOP Main Event, she had become the last woman remaining typically the field of 6358 players. This is no simple feat for the player and here this woman made a name due to herself in the professional poker arena. She arrived in 38th position in this method prestigious poker event and as well as earned the impressive volume $237,865 in prize earnings.

In 2009, Maria exactly missed out on finding the final table in the WSOP $10,000 Limit Hold’Em event. Domino99 was absolute close but eventually completed in 11th place also earned $41,040 for them efforts. In the aforesaid year she also cashed out at the WSOP Young ladies No Limit Championship, performing with winnings of $2,084. Also in the 12 months 2009, Maria cashed throughout at the WPT Los angeles Poker Classic, at ones she earned winnings coming from all $32,740 at the Simply Limit Hold’Em tournament.Last from Maria Ho had to be she and her other poker player Tiffany Mrs . joined The Amazing Competition. Filming for the show began in This summer 2009 and began broadcasting in September 2009. As they came in sixth set up the race after within complete a detour. But currently still going participating in some poker tournaments.