automatic sliding doors in nigeria

I am yet to come across a housing structure without a door, doors are very important part of a building, buildings usually have so many sensationalized rooms and apartments, doors are used to partition and create access.

Everyone cares much about their privacy and doors are brilliant way to live private confidential lives.

There are doors and there are doors. The doors can be made with extruded aluminum profiles in various sections and shapes, standard in our series of section SAFETY EQUIPMENT with section mm. 50 rounded edges, or in stainless steel and wood of various types and finishes. 

Their execution is completed by a series of accessories and by a Dutral anti-crushing gasket system, with a shape suitable for the thermo-acoustic seal.

There are different types of Automatic sliding doors suitable for just about any business or private structure and architecture, be it Hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, airports, banks, hospitals, pharmacies, entrances for places frequented by the elderly and / or disabled, emergency exits and / or safety in general.


We are the leading provider of Serviced Automatic Sliding doors in Nigeria, our doors are very durable, and comes with quality designs in different types of Sizes. You can reduce the level of manual access control and redtapism in your office or home using any our automatic sliding doors. we have the:

Our Automatic Sliding door system I allows the passage of a lot of light. Offering high ease of use the flex creates a perfect atmosphere. In combination with other doors of the flex the system can be used to create a harmonious overall look.

Large mirrored windows thanks to the reduced section profiles
High stability and torsion resistance
Better thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to the possibility of using 22 mm thick double glazing
Extremely flexible and adaptable to design needs

Automatic Sliding door system I escape route door looks like a normal sliding door with a slim profile . In an emergency, however, it is sufficient to exert pressure against a mobile or fixed door to activate the break-out system that leaves the escape routes free.

The passage width of the escape route is maximum.

Rotation pivots that allow maximum opening
Certified for use on escape routes and emergency exits
In automatic mode it works like a standard sliding door
During the summer, the large opening can be used to ventilate the building
For internal and external applications

The system was created specifically to provide maximum security. The system offers a high level of security and is able to meet the growing demand for solutions that combine the practicality of an automatic sliding door with protection against intrusion and vandalism in Nigeria.

Maximum security
Protection against intrusions and vandalism
No visible barrier
Burglar resistance class