Security Solutions World is a young and dynamic company in Nigeria that has become, over time, a strong point of business in the national territory. Its goal is to solve the complicated problem of parking cars in the city and in private and public housing facilities. 

Object of his designs are the automatic parking systems , with special attention to mechanized parking . The parking lot management systems  is the result of cutting-edge technological analysis that combines research and commitment to environmental protection. 

Attention to detail and careful study of suitable materials characterize the rich assortment of automatic car parks: alongside the vertical structure variants for medium-large and horizontal buildings for medium-small buildings, there is a rotating, hybrid and circular version intended for construction of a round plan.

We may sometimes use Car lifters to revolutionize space forms and volumes that adhere to new ways of life of society derive from the resolution of parking problems. 

Design, architecture and urban planning are intertwined with new engineering and technological solutions to create a dialogue between maximum functionality and aesthetic values, safeguarding urban spaces and historic buildings in Nigeria.

Most cities in Nigeria have have not been designed and built for cars.

There is therefore the need to find solutions that allow reorganizing spaces, preserving the integrity of architectural traditions and the beauty of natural landscapes. In every building renovation, redevelopment, renovation or new construction, we need to find the right balance between the needs of a practical life, often hectic, and respect for places, history and nature. 

Car lifts

Car lifts are an amazing car management solution, they change the way of living the space with original and original ideas and projects compared to the normal design standards. 

The field of application ranges from private villas, condominiums, resorts, production facilities and car dealerships. 

Car lifts can be installed both outdoors and in outdoor spaces and perform a triple function based on the scenario in which they are inserted:

– functional: the elevator becomes an ally of the designer to create a vertical connection where, for reasons of space, it is not possible to make a slide. 

It therefore becomes an indispensable means of transport that elegantly connects various otherwise inaccessible parking levels, a common situation in historic centers with buildings that were not originally designed for the storage of cars.