cctv installation systems in nigeria


The protection of a property, be it a house, a company or an office, certainly passes through the installation of a video surveillance system.

The video surveillance systems or CCTV systems (TeleVisione and Closed Circuit) have experienced long periods of renewal to become an essential tool in any security system.

They also allow to watch over people’s health (squares, highways, parking lots, stadiums, fairs, shops, particular accesses, banks, hotels).Continuous technological innovation offers a wide range of video surveillance devices, thanks to which it is possible to cover the most disparate economic-application requirements, guaranteeing the complete achievement of the required objectives.

The various CCTV systems differ from each other for the devices used, for the complexity of the processing system and for the transmission of information, but above all for the type of system: analogue or digital.The analog video surveillance systems are currently the most popular, despite exploit outdated technologies.

They are characterized by analog cameras directly interconnected with the image processing and recording units (Digital Video Recorder). Despite being outdated, analogue systems are still suitable for low-complexity situations.

The main limitations are the poor quality of the video signal and the lack of scalability required by modern security solutions.The ICT (Information and Communication Technology) convergence has given rise to new-generation digital systems , which exploit technologies based on digital signals for processing on modern IT devices.

Thus, there is a fusion between the IT network infrastructure and the video surveillance infrastructure that allows overcoming the typical obstacles of analogue systems, generating value and savings at the same time. The IP cameras, or network cameras, generate a digital video stream on the LAN or WAN or WLAN data network to a PC capable of managing it, recording it and redirecting it to the authorized operators.

Security Solutions World is  a renowned company  that specialized in the installation of security systems in Nigeria, has a team built by selecting among the best professionals in the video surveillance sector, at your complete disposal, planning and installation of surveillance systems with camera.

Also known as remote control systems, our video surveillance systems allow you to control your property 360 degrees and 24 hours a day.

These are high-tech solutions that integrate perfectly with digital closed-circuit video recording systems, both local and remote.

Security Solutions World is available for quote requests for video camera and video surveillance installation Nationwide, Nigeria.

Some features:

– Very high image quality;

– Adaptable to multiple situations (low, medium and high complexity);

– Easily expandable and scalable;

– They facilitate data transmission over long distances;

– Maintain investments made for business continuity and data backup.

Cogen Openvision has been involved in the design and installation of CCTV video surveillance systems for years , offering an in-depth study and preliminary analysis in order to determine the best solution able to satisfy customer expectations and security needs.

In addition to being a valid deterrent for the bad guys, they are the only tool that allows you to monitor a situation in real time wherever in the world you are. They are also particularly useful and effective in reconstructing criminal events (robberies, thefts, vandalism, fires, accidents) as well as in the analysis of industrial processes (warehouses, machinery, forklifts, boilers, ovens, carriages, shops, etc.).