Security Solutions World has a wide range of professional hiden security cameras that includes both micro- cameras or covert cameras hidden in commonly used objects (such as car keys, remote controls, watches and pens) and micro- cameras with very small dimensions suitable for being hidden in any environment.

Thanks to the use of wifi hidden cameras, you are able to prevent, document and protect yourself from theft or unlawful actions and behavior.

Our micro-cameras are purposely designed and modified to solve all those situations, nowadays more and more numerous cases where the recording of video proofs is necessary.


Covert Cameras are special high-quality miniaturized cameras that can record video in high resolution in a totally invisible way, thanks to their small size, ease of use and complete independence from traditional video surveillance systems.

These hidden spy cameras can be concealed in everyday objects or hidden in any type of environment such as their own buildings, a room in your home or in your car, to guard against unauthorized access and intrusion.


By means of high quality components, ever higher standards focused on the following key points:

Reduced energy consumption

Fundamental element to obtain the smallest possible dimensions of any micro-camera equipped with an integrated battery.

Built-in high battery capacity

Component that, together with the reduced energy consumption, allows our hidden covert cameras to boast a much higher autonomy in the phase of recording and stand-by than the traditional spy cameras on the market.

Higher performance and technical specifications

Feature that aims to give our standard micro video cameras the highest levels thanks to state-of-the-art micro-components of absolute value.

Reliability and resistance over time

Factor that allows the end user to never have doubts about the correct functioning of the product and that allows our company to offer two years warranty on each micro-camera present in our catalog.

Reduced size

A fundamental specification that guarantees our hidden cameras ease of use and flexibility of use, to be able to use them in different areas with maximum simplicity.

To learn about our hidden micro-cameras , we therefore invite you to visit the store or showroom closest to you, where you can see first-hand the quality and ease of use of our products, and be advised to the best by our managers in the purchase of best suited micro-camera to solve your needs.

Discover the entire range of hidden micro-cameras available with us by contacting us today!