Security Solutions World is a company dedicated to the installation of Electric fence in Nigeria.If you ask around for the best electric fence installation company in Nigeria, you definitely be pointed back to us, this is owing to strong potential to be a reference in its sector for quality, reliability and competence.

Security Solutions World carry out turnkey electric fence installations in low, medium and high voltage and process automation systems in compliance with customer needs and responding to the different regulations and standards of each individual state.

The ability to design, install and produce, with the fact of having a dedicated automation and control division, makes Security Solutions World a reference in the electric fence installation industry.

Our electric fences are effective and reliable. We reserves an experienced team to assist our customers in the design, construction and maintenance of electric fences .
To offer a consistently high quality service, we have establisheda close business tie with organizations, parks, breeders and farmers , so as to offer the most modern and effective solutions for the control of both domestic and wild animals.

We are constantly committed to marketing tested and high quality products for electrified fences, to train professional operators, to provide all information and suggestions through manuals, informative texts, internet sites, etc. to allow users to buy the most suitable products to meet their needs. Our technical assistance service is also available to answer questions, technical questions and suggestions, to users and retailers and to assist them in creating efficient and durable electrified fences .