Bad lighting? Avoid it.
For you the quality of light is very important. We offer you the opportunity to fulfill this requirement with our catalog of LED luminaires. We have introduced numerous lighting features in our products to make your daily work easier. A concrete example? Our Downlight Comfort luminaires allow you to easily select three different colors of light using a DIP switch.

Light has a direct effect on our activity levels and, therefore, on our performance and ability to concentrate.
The right light at the right time, as we experience it with the natural light of the day, allows us to be active and efficient during the day and relax at night. The biological effect of light affects all age groups and different spheres of life.

More and more people are looking for ways to stay physically and mentally fit. Light plays a crucial role in this context since the important biological processes in the human body are designed for life with natural light. 

The problem is that instead of spending time outside in natural light conditions, for which our biological system was “programmed” in the course of evolution, most people in developed countries spend 90 percent of your day inside.

However, the lighting conditions that often prevail in the interior have been described as “biological darkness”. This makes us feel tired during the day, but still unable to sleep properly at night, and may even be associated with new syndromes such as exhaustion or depression.

The additional light receptors were not discovered in the human eye until 2001. These light-sensitive ganglion cells send signals to an area of the brain that acts like a biological clock, controlling the day / night rhythm of the brain. body, a cycle also known as circadian. Light influences different hormones, mainly the “sleep hormone” Melatonin, or the “activity hormone” Cortisol, which affect blood pressure, heart rate, vitality and mood. Therefore, light has a direct effect on our levels of activity and, therefore, on our performance and ability to concentrate.