Security Solutions World establishes security and fire-alarm on objects of the customer at affordable prices. Modern highly sensitive sensors record unauthorized entry into the territory of an enterprise or a private house and send a signal to the console for a quick response of the power group. Real-time monitoring allows you to monitor the situation around the clock and stop the actions of intruders as soon as possible.

The security alarm system is fully automated and based on the use of sensors that record physical and mechanical changes in the room and send an alarm signal to the  console . For example, if a glass is broken in the apartment or the entrance door is open, the corresponding security “detector” (indicating the penetration of unauthorized persons) will work – the equipment will automatically notify the employees of the PSC.

The alarm system works on a different principle. To activate it, you need to press a special button installed at the checkout, behind the counter or next to the guard post or radio key fob. To call the force group requires the mandatory presence of a person – the device does not work automatically. This approach is convenient for banks, pawnshops, shops, warehouses, production facilities.

Security alarms combine the capabilities of both systems. It can generate an automatic signal (in case of unauthorized access to the company’s office during off-hours), but also allows employees to call the operational team if necessary (for example, with an armed seizure).

Our Intruder And Burglar Alarm System protects against theft and prevents domestic accidents (fire, water leakage or gas leakage), makes your life safe and comfortable, and your home smart. We are convinced that everyone has the right to security. Around the clock, our focus is on protecting customer property. We protect what you hold dear and take responsibility for your peace of mind and the security of your home and business.

For many years together with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, we have been creating and implementing reliable and progressive solutions and technologies for the safety of our customers.

Our business is built on trust. Tens of thousands of families and corporate clients have entrusted us with the protection of property and business.

Range of services:
– design of alarm systems;
– installation of alarm systems;
– performance of commissioning works;
– connection of the security alarm system to the monitoring station;
– selection and delivery of the necessary devices;
– warranty and post-warranty maintenance of installed alarm.