All those who work in the area of ​​human resources, specifically in the calculation of payroll, know that this is a subject that can be much more complex than it seems. There is more to workforce management than to capture when an employee has been absent or has arrived late, managing time and attendance of employees. It is necessary to have technologies that allow access to detailed granular work data and automate even the most complex and diverse payment rules.

In this publication we tell you all the details about the SAP SuccessFactors time and attendance management module , a technology included in the Workforce suite and prepared to fulfill this critical mission and with combined capabilities to adapt to the needs of your people .

To begin, we will highlight the key points of the SAP SuccessFactors time and attendance management module:

Real-time visibility of your workforce
Total transparency
Reduction of payroll errors and greater accuracy in payments
Monitoring of assistance and other labor policies
Simplified compliance with local or state laws

Benefits of Workforce time and attendance management module

Help reduce costs and increase efficiency
The SAP SuccessFactors time and attendance module is a complete platform that allows you to digitize all your HR processes and data. Pay rates, overtime, shift differentials, food deductions and any other type of “work exception” with the system without errors or setbacks .

This system is the definitive solution to automate all payment rules for employees, validate time and work in real time, preview and calculate gross payroll and process even the most complex payroll through a secure and efficient system that integrates perfectly with your ERP, payroll and basic human resources systems .

Reduce errors and payroll costs
This system also provides information in real time about all costs associated with your workforce. The software time management for employees includes basic tasks such as the ability to view accounts and balances paid time off, projected and actual or, more advanced features detailed analysis capabilities and reports ideal for your HR department be able to do better business and make much smarter and strategic decisions.