Still inspecting vehicles with hand mirrors? Security Solutions World has some good news for you!

We supply modern under vehicle scanners nationwide that can replace the hand mirrors and apply modern technology. No more queues at access points, no more “false security”.

The innovative technology of Vehicle Ground Inspection System will help your security person quickly and accurately detect dangerous objects such as weapons and explosives, narcotics and contraband. our system consists of a scanner unit, a server, a workstation and special connection cables. In addition, you can choose extra options such as license plate recognition, automatic comparison, vehicle guidance, traffic light and other options.


The scanner unit is placed in a fixed housing for the outside in fixed installations or in a mobile installation with rubber pads or aluminum ramps. This scanner unit has a camera, a mirror and infrared LED lighting. Using a small slit in the scanner unit, the camera captures the full bass of a moving vehicle. To show the image scanned in scale, the different heights of the bass (car / truck) are taken into account as well as the length of the vehicle. The image is then displayed as a high resolution image on the user interface screen.

To simplify the correlation between the images of the vehicle underbody and the corresponding vehicles, an optional front camera and an automatic license plate recognition system can be integrated. The system software provides operators with all the data collected from the vehicle on the control screen. Additional information can be entered manually.

Access control and protection of government buildings, airports, military institutions, embassies, nuclear plants, penitentiaries and other high security facilities. Customs controls of vehicles, security posts at entry points, search for contraband. Temporary applications during high security events, military and political summits, control by special security teams.
Car Vision as a Mobile System
For flexible security controls in locations and high security temporary or changing applications.
Quick assembly and disassembly and easy transportation.
For all vehicles of any weight and width.
Available with thin aluminum ramps or robust rubber pads.

Application in airports

In crowded airports, high-volume locations, large-scale events, public places and high-security facilities, it is well known that criminals can try to use vehicles for a wide range of nefarious purposes, such as hiding or smuggling illegal items. In this scenario, UVSS can be implemented to quickly and accurately identify hidden threats, smuggling or human trafficking.